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Brick paver driveway installed at a home in Winter Park.

Driveways Winter Park, Fraser, Tabernash, & Grand County, CO

Our professionals will design and build a custom decorative driveway for residential or commercial clients using a natural road base, recycled asphalt, recycled concrete, and crushed stone, such as granite.

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Contract us for custom driveways in Winter Park, Fraser, Tabernash, and other nearby Colorado communities.

Depending on your property, our professionals can build straight or curved decorative driveways that will positively impact your curb appeal.

Our professionals are experts when it comes to choosing and constructing a driveway that will make a positive impact on your curb appeal and home value. At Alpine Landscape Service, our company is skilled in creating custom decorative driveways and offers a number of materials to our customers for job completion.

Decorative driveways can be made straight, curved, or a combination of the two depending on your property. We work with clients from commercial and residential areas throughout Winter Park, Fraser, and Tabernash, CO to achieve a desirable and original design.

We Begin Your Project with an On-Site Consultation

A decorative driveway brings an element of beauty and class to any property. When you hire us to do your project, we take the time to understand your needs, likes/ dislikes, and provide you with options that fit your budget and style.

At Alpine Landscape Service, we begin your project with an on-site consultation to get a true understanding of what you are expecting from your driveway project. It gives our professionals a chance to view your space, which will allow them to achieve your vision while taking the available space into account.

During your consultation, we make sure to evaluate any grading or leveling you may need for your driveway.

Available Materials to Choose From

Our company has a variety of materials for homeowners and business owners to choose from when designing their driveways. Most of the available materials have minimal maintenance requirements, are relatively easy to repair, and are durable and built to last for years.

Natural Stone

An easy way to boost the curb appeal of your home is by enhancing it with a natural crushed stone driveway. It can help raise your home value and provides a nature-inspired appearance, which is perfect for the scenery in Colorado. Natural stone is weather resistant, sturdy, and requires minimal maintenance from you to keep it looking great. Some of the most common types of natural stone used in driveway production include:

  • Granite
  • Sandstone
  • Reclaimed Stone

We recommend sealing your stone routinely to help it stay in mint condition longer and prevent any staining from occurring.

Recycled Materials

We can also use recycled materials such as recycled asphalt or concrete for your driveway. These materials are affordable, reliable, and environmentally friendly. Recycled asphalt also stands up well to rain and snow.

Stamped/Decorative Concrete

Stamped or decorative concrete is one of the most cost-effective options on the market for your driveway. Decorative concrete easily replicates popular materials and is available in endless options of patterns, textures, and colors to give an authentic and beautiful appearance.

Concrete is easily poured or pumped into place, so homeowners and commercial companies get a great product that complements their existing property, while also saving money, time, and labor costs.


An alternative to concrete options for your driveway is brick. Brick is a sturdy, slip-resistant material that can be easily replaced when necessary. It is environmentally friendly and creates a unique aesthetic for your property.

Schedule an on-site consultation with Alpine Landscape Service to start your decorative driveway project.

Our newest client in Tabernash was a project that necessitated building their decorative driveway on a slope.

We provide experts that can find materials for your new driveway that suit your needs and budget. Decorative driveways are easy to maintain and bring an entirely new aesthetic to your property. Make a big impact on your curb appeal by investing in a decorative driveway today!

We work with communities in Colorado all around Winter Park, Fraser, and Tabernash. We take pride in our work and communicate with you weekly to ensure consistency and satisfactory completion.

Work with us on your next hardscaping project! To start designing your unique driveway call us at (970) 887-9445 and schedule your on-site consultation today!

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