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Use outdoor lighting to illuminate walkways and spotlight landscape plants.

Outdoor LightingWinter Park, Fraser, Tabernash, & Grand County, CO

Our professional outdoor lighting installation will bring your home or business an added aesthetic appeal from the highlighting of landscape and architectural features.

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We provide professional outdoor lighting installations in Winter Park, Fraser, Tabernash, Granby, and the surrounding Grand County, Colorado areas.

After the sun goes down, our install will illuminate the architectural features of your home and bring added security.

Properly installed lighting highlights certain plants and trees and can illuminate the architectural features of your home. Our installs cast a magical glow over selected areas of your property with the bonus of bringing added security.

At Alpine Landscape Service, we bring life to homes even after the sun sets! We serve Winter Park, Fraser, Tabernash, Granby, and other nearby communities in Grand County, Colorado.

Outdoor Lighting Increases Aesthetic Appeal, Safety, & Security

There are a number of benefits associated with outdoor lighting, which include visual aesthetics, safety, and security. Below you will find a rundown of each.

  • Aesthetics - A proper install projects light onto focal points such as large trees, ornamental plants, and architectural features (pillars/walkways/archways/walls) to create a warm, magical look.
  • Safety - Illuminated steps and walkways prevent tripping, falling, stubbed toes, and scraped knees--plus they look great!
  • Security - Most criminals are opportunists. A well-lit home exterior reduces shadowy areas where a potential burglar or vandal could hide, making it a less likely target.

Lighting Techniques Commonly Used

We employ a variety of techniques to light up homes, plants, trees, and hardscapes. There are plenty of choices when it comes to lighting equipment, each with different purposes and resulting looks. Below you will find a summary of some of our most commonly installed lighting techniques:

  • Spotlighting - Also called accent lighting, spotlighting is used to illuminate specific areas, such as ornamental plant displays, entryways, and other architectural focal points
  • Downlighting - Beams of LED light are projected downward onto steps, walkways, driveways and other areas that are low in the line of sight.
  • Uplighting - Projects bright, powerful light upward onto tree trunks, walls, and any tall structural elements of the home.
  • Cross Lighting - Uses multiple fixtures with overlapping light to create interesting patterns and decorative looks.

Our Team Uses LEDs For Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can spotlight ponds as well as landscaping in Winter Park, CO.

LEDs (short for Light Emitting Diodes) are far more energy and heat efficient than standard halogen light bulbs. The equipment we install is strictly LED and provides a sharper more precise result. Light projected from LED fixtures is also more natural looking.

Halogen bulbs get extremely hot when used for extended periods. Our team can convert your halogen system to safer, environmentally friendly LED lights.

LED lights are more environmentally friendly because they use less energy and also last longer, meaning fewer bulbs end up in the trash over time.

Call for a consultation on residential or commercial outdoor lighting installations.

At Alpine Landscape Service, we’ve completed a number of gorgeous installations for clients across Colorado's Grand County encompassing Winter Park, Fraser, Tabernash, Granby, Grand Lake, Hot Sulphur Springs, and Kremmling. Call (970) 887-9445 today for a consultation on having us install outdoor lighting at your residence or commercial space.

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