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Landscape Industry CertifiedConsultations:
All landscapes, even as simple as planting a tree, should begin with an on-site consultation. This allows us to combine the client's vision with the land available. During a consultation, any need for grading to level areas of the property can also be evaluated. Landscape plans can also be developed for screening, to hide/reduce views of the neighbors.

Alpine Landscape Service L.L.C. will take the time to create a design that will best fit our climate and altitude, as well as incorporate some of your ideas as the homeowner. Through the use of our professional computer imaging program, we can offer color photo design 3D imaging, blue prints, as well as C.A.D. drawings. The photo to the left is an example of image editor, photo realistic design. For more examples of these options, please visit our PORTFOLIO SAMPLES.

This is a very important process that many people don’t think about. In this process, retaining walls are constructed, dry creeks are installed, patios, walkways, and steps are installed. As well as any finish grading that may need to be completed. Combining all of these services will help make sure that water run off is routed properly, and all potential erosion areas are eliminated. We are certified Allan Block installers, which offers an environmentally friendly way to add to the design and functionality of any landscape. Visit our PORTFOLIO SAMPLES for examples.

“Instant Beautification” is what most people recognize after hiring a professional landscape company such as Alpine Landscape Service L.L.C. This is where consulting a professional is extremely important.  We live in an area with elevations as high as 9,000ft and a temperature swing of up to 100 degrees. There are only certain varieties of trees, shrubs and plants that will survive this. Our professional staff will make sure that we install only the best high quality product that is going to survive your climate and site conditions.

We offer two different types of irrigation - Drip irrigation, and Turf irrigation.

• Drip irrigation is a water conservative way of irrigating you plants. This system uses minimal water and emits water directly to the roots of your plants. This eliminates any evaporation from sun and wind and makes sure that your plants are getting water directly to there root system.

• Turf irrigation is what most people think of when you mention irrigation. This is a system of using pressurized water through an underground piping system to various sprinkler heads. This type of system is typically installed on any turf grass areas. Alpine Landscape Service can offer you the most water wise or conservative way of doing this, through the use of modern technology.

Our company offers professional landscape and irrigation maintenance. This is probably the most overlooked aspect of landscaping. Plants and trees are like people - they need food and water to survive. At Alpine Landscape Service we can offer you a maintenance program that will best fit your landscapes needs - from weeding your beds to maintaining your irrigation system, to fertilizing and even lawn mowing.  We also have an organic fertilizing program.

Organic Fertilizer:
We offer an organic fertilizing program, using Rocky Mountain Bio Products. Their products are made locally and are friendly to the environment and its creatures. Their products represent only the highest quality sustainable, natural, organic fertilizers and soil amendments available on the market today.

Snow Removal:
Alpine Landscape Service can also help with snow removal. We service both residential and commercial areas with both hand shovel and plow needs. Removal is offered for driveways, walk ways/sidewalks, and decks, but are not available for roofs.

Holiday Lighting:
For Residential, Commercial, or special events, Alpine Landscape Service can take care of all your holiday lighting needs, from lighting buildings and landscapes to LED displays and custom signs. We are a distributor for Brite Ideas, so check out for some ideas on what we can do and products like displays and LED spheres. Contact us today to get your project started. Visit our HOLIDAY LIGHTING PORTFOLIO for examples.

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